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Welcome to Read Kid Stories.com! The place where kids and their families can connect through stories. This site provides a helpful bridge between two realities: The first, children need to read, and be read to, everyday. Second, books are expensive and sometimes getting to the library can be difficult with busy schedules. The stories found here exist with the aim to create more time for families to spend reading together, as well as to uplift and teach something worthwhile. Happy Reading!

My Story

My name is Kira Jene, and I wholeheartedly believe that children should read everyday. However, I know that attaining this goal can be challenging for parents and teachers. I see how busy schedules can mean less time for adults and kids to sit down together, let alone dedicate extra time to pick out stories to read. "So what can I do?" I asked my husband during one fateful dinner conversation. That question led to the realization that I have a passion for getting children to read. From that moment, ideas came like puzzle pieces, until they fit together to form the idea for this site. I am so grateful that you have joined me on this new adventure.