Dracu’s Fire

There once was a dragon who was brave, but also quite small. The little dragon’s name was Dracu, and she couldn’t fly or breathe fire at all. No one could tell exactly what color she was, and for these reasons and more, the other dragons poked fun. “Dracu, you’re weird! You’re not like the rest of us,” teased everyone. Yet she held onto a dream with all of her might: Someday I’ll grow large, breathe fire, and my wings will take flight!

One day, Dracu shared her precious dream with another dragon, whom she believed was her best chum. However, he told the other dragons what she shared, and they all laughed and said she was dumb. Some of them taunted, “Keep dreaming, Dracu, you’ve never had the ability to breathe fire or fly since the day you were born!” Her tender heart ached, because they treated her with such scorn.

Feeling a great sadness, Dracu dragged her heavy tail across the magical mountain with her head held low. She didn’t stop walking until she came to a ledge where she saw a village down below. She marveled at the sparkling, blue river and the people moving about their homes and crops happily. Watching the picturesque village helped raise her mood substantially. Soon, Dracu was laughing at a farmer who couldn’t get his horse to move the plow. Then she snorted with glee as she heard the strange sound of a “mooing” cow!

From that moment on, Dracu spent most of her free time looking down at the quaint village below, whose wheat fields seemed to shine in the sun. She noticed how vulnerable they were out in the open, and she suddenly felt a desire to protect everyone. In her fervor, she shouted from the ledge, “I want to get bigger and stronger, so I can defend this place!” Some of the dragons heard her and laughed, and this made her scaly cheeks burn with disgrace. None of the other dragons believed that she would ever be able to defend herself, let alone an entire village, without physical strength or fire. Yet, mocked as she was, Dracu persevered in her belief that she’d find a way, and she tried not to harbor too much ire.

Many moons passed, and Dracu’s fondness for the villagers seemed to increase night by night. However, her body was still small and unable to breathe fire, and this filled her with fright. “What if the other dragons are right? What if I’m never able to grow and defend the village from a possible foe?” These thoughts struck at Dracu’s core, and she was filled with a terrible feeling of woe. No matter what she did, Dracu could not make her uneasiness subside. She tried to comfort herself by thinking, all is well, but she knew this was a lie. More moons passed without much rest, as she continued to watch the village from her mountain perch. Her keen eyes roamed the landscape and were ever on the search. Then one night, she saw something move in the shadows across the expanse! Her heart jumped to her throat, but she soon realized it was only two birds on the breeze doing a kind of dance.

Yet her relief didn’t last, for soon the wind shifted and began to whisper warnings of troubles to come. She listened, and then hurried away to tell everyone! Since she still couldn’t fly, she ran as fast as her heavy legs would carry her. When Dracu reached the other dragons, they stared at her with disdain as she relayed what she heard.

“You’re such a silly dragon! You’re really not like us at all! Why would you think we would care about a village of humans?,” the dragons mocked and yelled. None of them said they’d help if disaster struck, and they couldn’t fathom the protective feelings she held. This made Dracu’s heart beat wildly in her chest, and she couldn’t understand why they insisted on being this way? The knowledge that the other dragons wouldn’t protect the defenseless village filled Dracu with fury and great dismay.

It was all up to her, yet on her own, what could she really do? She wasn’t physically capable of defending the village in her current state, it was true. Dracu returned to her mountain perch to keep a watchful eye over her beloved village. The sun was beginning to set, and she needed to know if any invaders were about to attack or pillage. She could not detect anything sinister as she swept her sharp gaze over the village and the surrounding land. She felt glad about this, but she knew she needed to come up with a plan.

For if the winds carried the truth that something wicked was on its way, then the duty to protect the village fell on her shoulders and she couldn’t let the enemy get away. Dracu spent the evening planning and plotting until dawn. When the sun came up, she was so weary that her ability to stay awake was gone. The wind began to whisper once more, but she did not hear. She drifted off into a deep sleep as an enemy of the village drew near!

In her dreams, Dracu heard a strange, high-pitched song. It wasn’t a melody, as just one note rang on and on. There were thumps and bumps that sounded out of sync. Were there voices singing too? She was too asleep to comprehend or think. Then her dreams took her back in time to when she saw two villagers, a father and his daughter, shooting a bow and arrow. They were laughing and having a great time aiming at a round piece of wood attached to a wheelbarrow.

Dracu’s eyes flew open and she rose to her feet in a hurry. Adrenaline ran through her little body and her heart filled with a righteous fury! A rival clan was attacking her beloved village, and thankfully, the villagers were hiding from their enemy’s arrows. Dracu had to do something fast before their chance to get away grew too narrow! Without further hesitation, she leapt towards the sky. What was she thinking? She couldn’t fly!

It all happened so fast, it cannot be said what occurred first. All that is known from history is that the air erupted when a fierce scream burst! It reverberated through the clouds and was carried on the backs of gigantic, white wings. Then there were thunderous crackles and sizzles, as golden fire surrounded the village in a protective ring! The other dragons and the people below gasped, as they had never witnessed anything so magical and fearsome before! A white dragon now soared in the sky, which they had believed only existed in ancient folklore!

The fear that was produced by the sight of Dracu, the white dragon, and her impenetrable fiery ring caused the enemy to run away. The villagers could not believe how they had been saved that day. They cheered and cried tears of joy as they realized that Dracu’s fire was a kindness that was offered for their protection and well being. Her rings of fire were magical, so their homes and crops were unharmed, even though their fields were blazing!

Dracu felt relief as she gracefully landed on a hill nearby. She carefully extinguished the flames and examined the landscape, before her massive form ascended back into the sky. Her dreams had finally come true and she wasn’t the same as she had been before. She now desired to fly her own path, make a new home, and watch over her beloved village until she wasn’t needed anymore.

The other dragons had been right that she wasn’t like them, but it wasn’t because she had been small. Dracu was kinder, braver, and stronger than them all! She believed in the inevitability of the dreams she held onto with all of her might. She had become a white dragon, grown large, breathed fire, and her wings took flight! She then used her powerful gifts to help those in need. The villagers were so grateful for her kindness, bravery, and strength, indeed!

The dreams that you hold in your brave heart are worth believing in too. For just like Dracu, there is also magic and fierceness in you! Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what’s right. Always remember to help others and let your own kind of beautiful magic take flight. Soar high on the belief that you have what it takes to make your dreams come true. For kindness, bravery, and strength are inside you!