I Can Tidy & So Can You

Does it feel good to be in places where things are a mess? Does it feel nice when you can’t find your special socks, pants, or dress? Words like, “overwhelmed” and “frustrated” are the words that messiness usually brings to mind. It can feel stressful when cluttered surroundings keep you guessing and falling behind.

So put on your imaginary tidying crown and get ready for some fun today! It’s time to clear out the clutter from the areas where you sleep, do schoolwork, and play. Don’t worry if you’re new to decluttering and cleaning well too. You’ll soon discover a talent for tidying inside of you!

This can be a game or a friendly competition, if you’d like it to be! Ask a loved one to join you in becoming tidy. You each get a point for every item you give away. Whoever has the most points at the end wins, and gets to be called, “your royal highness” for a day! Are you ready to begin?  – Get ready, get set, GO! If you start right now, you’ll have your space organized faster than you know.

Let’s start in your bedroom: what’s lying on the floor? Put each item back where it belongs, and when you’ve finished, you’ll be ready for more. When your belongings from the floor are back in their homes, ask yourself: “Are these items things I really want to keep?” If there are belongings you no longer want, donate them, and you’ll maintain order where you sleep. Next, take a look inside your closet and peep inside every drawer. There are certainly items in there you don’t wear anymore. The time has come for such things to move on to a different place. It will feel so good to remove this clutter and enjoy the new found space!

Where do you complete homework assignments or create artwork? Is this a place where piles of paper, broken pencils, and various items lurk? You might agree that these things seem to multiply! Desks are usually places that are covered with clutter and stacks piled high. Carefully look at each item here before you decide what needs to be thrown away. You don’t want to accidentally toss the homework you did today! When this space is tidy, the surface ought to be almost entirely visible. This will make it easier to turn in assignments on time, because clutter will no longer make them invisible!

If you’ve completed the decluttering process of your bedroom and desk, then you’ve done a great job of cleaning today! The only areas left to clear are the places where you play. As you gaze upon each toy, are there any that are broken or no longer bring you a sense of joy? Fix the ones in pieces, and give the others to another girl or boy. This will lighten your load and make you feel better too. Plus, the kids who receive your old toys will be very grateful to you!

See? Isn’t decluttering and cleaning a fun thing to do? After all, you won your competition with a loved one, didn’t you?! “Your royal highness”, carry on the fun by repeating this routine often to keep clutter at bay. Every week, pick up items you left out on your floor, on your desk, and where you play. You can also invite another person to declutter unwanted items from their space. It will be fun to find out how many items they can give away or put in a tidy place!

It is a wonderful feeling, indeed, when you no longer live in a mess. Life gets simpler when you can always locate your special socks, pants, or dress. Words like, “calm” and “happy” are the words that tidiness usually brings. When everything you own is organized and clean, you’re less likely to lose your precious things!  

Happy Tidying!