Sometimes it’s fun to stay indoors and play inside your head. Imagination can take you anywhere you want to be. You can sail a boat, fly to the tops of trees, you can even meet a lion friend on your jungle safari. So when you have to stay inside, there’s no need to fret. You can use your imagination, just like Juliet.


Juliet has to stay at home instead of going to the park to play. She looks out the window at rain puddles and feels dismayed. Her mother tells her it’s fun to eat breakfast and watch a movie while it rains. However, it doesn’t take long before Juliet complains. She tells her mother she’s really bored and doesn’t know what to do. So her wise mom suggests she can read a book, or maybe even two. Juliet agrees and pulls one off of her shelf. It doesn’t take long before she imagines she’s an elf. As she reads the story about elves and cotton candy, Juliet feels like she’s in the story’s world. She meets and dances with the Bubble Gum Fairy; around her room she swirls and twirls.


Do you like to sing? Dance? Explore? With imagination; there’s plenty to think about, so you’ll never get bored. You can have a ton of fun with all there is to discover. Like Bobbi, who loves to imagine one thing and then another.


Bobbi has a long, flowing red cape and imagines that it makes whatever it touches unable to be seen. It comes in handy a lot, especially when there’s something Bobbi is avoiding. Yesterday, imagination gave the cape a really big role. In Bobbi’s play, it had to help with the escape from the trolls. You see, there were scary trolls on the bridge who wanted to steal Bobbi’s lunch money. With the cape on, the trolls never saw Bobbi coming. They just heard magic words, and were turned into silly bunnies! Now free to cross the bridge with no more cares; Bobbi spent the money on cookies and ate them with dancing bears.


Imagination is definitely worth your while. It has the power to turn the saddest frown into the brightest smile. It’s whimsical, yet very helpful too. Remember this when you’re feeling upset, and it will help you. Just wait and see what Tristan does. He might just grow up to be the kindest musician there ever was.


Tristan is joyful as he returns home from the arcade. This morning he received a lot of points from playing the games. When he redeemed his points, he excitedly picked out a yellow kazoo. Now he’s playing to everyone in the house a very peculiar tune. He imagines what it would be like to be famous and play in a band. He dreams about standing on a stage and life being grand. “I’m going to be Tristan the Musician, that’s who!” Tristan’s little brother, Scotty, listens and also wants to play the kazoo. Scotty begins to whimper, because he knows the kazoo can only be played by one, not two. Tristan notices Scotty’s frown, and recognizes what to do to turn it around. He tells Scotty to close his eyes and imagine…“Scotty and Tristan, world famous players of the kazoo!” Tristan puts his arm around Scotty’s shoulders and says, “Little brother, whatever I do, you can do too.”


Go ahead, give it a try. Can you see yourself in your mind? Dream big about being an astronaut, artist, a scientist, – even a famous player of a kazoo. In the world of imagination, there’s no end to what you can choose.