My name is Asher, and I’m a Siberian Husky. I love to yip and yowl, because I’m a puppy! I share a home with three humans whom I love, and two cats I secretly adore. The cats are named, Stan and Theodore. They hiss at me a lot, because I think it’s funny to interrupt their stories with a howl. When I steal the attention away, it makes them scowl.

I think Stan’s and Theodore’s reactions are too funny! They hiss and puff up, just like an angry bunny. I know I shouldn’t interrupt, but I get so much attention when I do. Even my humans usually laugh at my antics, and scratch behind my ears too.

From the moment I open my pale, blue eyes I’m looking for adoration and I’ll seize any opportunity. I always want the spotlight, and sometimes this causes me to behave rudely. I really cannot help it, as I love to yip, yelp, and howl as often as I can. Besides, my stories are funnier than tales told by Theodore and Stan.

Today, I awoke yet again seeking affection and adoration from the ones I love. I heard Theodore and Stan meowing about something that happened outside to a dove. Stan was carrying on about how the bird was flapping strangely, and he thought something was wrong with its wing. I decided his story was boring, so I began to howl and sing!

Stan and Theodore hissed, and I knew they did not appreciate my interruption. However, I had to save my humans from boredom, so I acted with gumption. I chased my tail while I barked with glee. I demanded everyone in the house stop watching television and play with me! I thought my plan had worked, as I could feel hands upon my back. To my surprise, I was being shooed away by my human pack.

Then earlier this afternoon, I once again saw an opportunity for a few seconds of fame. Stan and Theodore were on the couch with our humans, watching commercials during a game. They were meowing on and on about how exciting the kitty litter commercial was on the television. This was my chance to prance, sing, and give them all a darling vision. I pranced, danced, and waved my fluffy tail in my humans’ faces and also in front of the big screen. After all, why would they want to listen to the cats or watch TV, when they could watch me preen?

Yet something happened next that I wasn’t prepared for. Instead of applause, I was told to go away and ushered out the door. Now I’m in the backyard, where I’ve spent most of the day. I can see Stan and Theodore in the window, but they don’t look concerned or dismayed. My feelings are hurt, and I don’t know what to do? Why can’t everyone see that I want to have a good time and keep things lively too? Everyone in my house must be confused, and I want them to understand and see. I’m the best source of entertainment, much more than the cats or the TV!

I must find a way to endear myself again to my humans, Stan, and Theodore. I’ll do anything, as long as I get to come back through the door. I’m still yipping and howling, but I’m all out of enthusiasm and delight. I’m wondering if I’ve been forgotten and if I’ll have to stay in the backyard tonight? I don’t like to be alone in the dark, and I want to sleep in my warm bed! Am I out here because everyone inside is upset about something I did or said?

Finally, the door is opening and I’m being led inside! Hooray, I’m still loved and we can put this misunderstanding aside. Stan and Theodore watch with their squinty, yellow eyes as I enter the room. Everyone still seems a bit upset, and this fills me with doom. Then I hear, “Asher, you’ve been a naughty puppy. Today, you’ve taken things too far, buddy. You behaved like an out of control circus clown. We love your enthusiasm, but you need to learn when to settle down. You must realize not everything is about you. You need to let others have their fair share of the spotlight too!”

Stan and Theodore also seem to have something they want to say. Stan begins, “Yeah, we’re fed up with you interrupting us everyday!” Theodore agrees, “Asher, we have the right to tell stories and our humans have the right to talk and watch TV. We ought to be able to enjoy these things without you interrupting constantly. We would like to be able to share with you things that matter to us. However, when you interrupt we lose our desire to connect and establish trust.” With that, Stan and Theodore take off chasing each other down the hall. My humans also turn away, and I’m left alone to think, while I chew on my red ball.  

I’ve come to see when I interrupt others, it makes them upset. I just didn’t realize how much until now, and this fills me with regret. Before it’s too late, I must learn not to interrupt everyday. I want others to share with me and trust that I will listen to what they have to say. I want to be loved and respected, and I want to show others how much I love and respect them as well. I’ve come to realize this begins by treating others with kindness and listening to the stories they tell.

Tomorrow, I’ll open my pale, blue eyes and I’ll do a better job of being serene. I’ll observe more than I talk, so they’ll know I’m really listening. I now understand how always wanting the spotlight caused me to act rude. I pushed away those I love most and put them in a sour mood. Even though I still love to yip, yelp, and howl, I promise I won’t do it as much as before. When I do decide to be noisy, I’ll ensure I’m not interrupting my humans, Stan, or Theodore.