Hey little one! I see you, there you are!

Are you ready for an adventure? Ok, let’s start.

Help me find Arkie and Arik. Be on the lookout for Detective Frog, too.

Let’s all have fun looking for clues…

BOING! BOING! Arkie and Arik hear him jumping, do you? It’s Detective Frog! Let’s hop along with him and discover what he’s up to!

“Hello there, Detective Frog!” Arkie and Arik say with big grins. Detective Frog says, “Hello to all of you! I’m looking for ways to be kind. You can look too!” “First, let’s ask you, our new friend, how have you been kind today?” Let’s help Detective Frog discover how you created kindness at home, school, or during play. Maybe you remembered to clean up without being asked, or let a friend hold your special bear? Go ahead, say how you have spread love everywhere…

Yay you! Bravo! Well done! Arkie, Arik, and Detective Frog are so proud of you. What wonderful ways you showed kindness and gave love too.

Detective Frog pulls out his magnifying glass to help him look for clues. Now he wants to know if Arkie and Arik have been kind, like you. He looks through the magnifying glass at the first things he sees. There’s Arkie and Arik’s backyard and the swing hanging from the big tree. He jumps and hops as he inspects all around. Croaking, “rrrriiiibbbiiitt’s” and ”um -hhhhmmmmsss”, he carefully looks at the ground. So far, here’s the clues he has found: 1) Two sets of footsteps lead from the back door to the tree. 2) Under the swing, there aren’t any leaves. 3) Arkie and Arik’s mother is singing. Can you guess what was done? How might Arkie and Arik have showed kindness, while playing in the backyard and having fun?

Detective Frog then be-bops all over the branches, until he lands on the swing. “After my inspection”, he says, “I believe I have discovered evidence of a kind thing!” Detective Frog looks very pleased. “The evidence suggests Arkie and Arik took turns pushing each other in this very swing! When their mother looked out of the window and saw them, she became so happy she began to sing!” Detective Frog now wants to know, what do you think? Is taking turns a kind thing? Yes! It’s called sharing.

DING DONG! Arkie, Arik, and Detective Frog hear the doorbell, do you? Could this be someone else who wants to play with us too? Let’s hop on over to the front door of Arkie and Arik’s house and see. Any idea who it could be?

“Hello, Bruce!” Arkie and Arik greet their neighborhood friend. Detective Frog is happy to see Bruce and invites him in. Bruce says, “I saw you two this morning in the backyard, pushing each other in the swing. That looked like fun, can you also push me?” Arkie and Arik smile and say that of course they would be glad to. However, they wonder if there might be something better for all three of them to do? Sounds like we need Detective Frog to help us find another way for all three of them to play. Croaking, “rrrriiiibbbiiitt’s” and ”um -hhhhmmmmsss”, he carefully looks at the ground. So far, here’s the clues he has found: 1) Detective Frog sees a rope with a handle sticking out of the toy chest. 2) He looks to see if the floor is safe for little feet, and doesn’t find a mess. 3) He believes as a frog, he can demonstrate the final clue the best! What activity do you think Detective Frog has in mind? Go ahead, take your time.

Arkie, Arik, and Bruce, all look at Detective Frog – he’s jumping! Jumping is the very last clue. Can you guess by now what Detective Frog wants the kids to do? Detective Frog hops over to the toy chest and gives the handle a tug. Arkie helps him pull it out, and the kids jump rope on the rug! Jump rope is an excellent way for three people all at once to play! What do you think? Do you agree? Can Arkie’s and Arik’s decision to jump rope with Bruce be a kind thing? Yes! It’s called including!

Uh oh! Bruce fell down and skinned his knee. Is there something kind we can do? Look! Detective Frog is giving us another clue. He hops over to Bruce and asks, “Rrrrriiibbbiiiittt…Hey buddy, are you okay?” What can I do for you?” Why is it important that Detective Frog is asking about Bruce’s knee? Can you guess what this means? Detective Frog is offering sympathy! Is this a kind thing? Yes! It’s called caring.

What a fun day of adventure we have had! It’s time for Bruce to go to his home, and Detective Frog to return to his lily pad. Arkie and Arik are tired, and must go to sleep. For you darling, today’s lesson in kindness is yours to keep. Sharing, including, and showing others you care – what wonderful ways to spread kindness everywhere!