The Fair Forest of Lumeria is a magical place where the Lumens reside. It’s a forest of dazzling trees that blaze with light. Lumens are happy creatures that glow like the stars. Their light is beautiful up close and makes the forest visible from afar. Tonight is special, as it marks the end of Spring. Tomorrow brings Summer and the start of marvelous things! Tiny trees have emerged during the warmer nights. For them to grow tall, they need the Lumens’ light. So when the evening becomes Summer’s day, Lumens will slide out of the sky on beams of sun rays.

At last, the sun popped up over Lumeria’s purple hills. Soon the little trees would meet their new friends, and they were so thrilled! One by one the sun rays and glowing Lumens drew near. The trees could hardly contain their joy as they appeared. CRACK! GRUMBLE! Thunder BOOMED! A storm on this special day? It could only mean doom. Just as the Lumens were about to slide, the dark clouds caused the sun rays to hide. Oh no! How could this be? Without the rays of sun, the Lumens tumbled into the trees.

The new little Lumens’ silver light could not be found. It went out the moment they touched the ground. They began to fret and because of this, the trees started to moan. A teeny Lumen named Solas, patted the tiniest tree so it wouldn’t feel alone. The trees and the Lumens were frightened; the first day of Summer had never been stormy before. Courage was now needed, of that Solas was sure. The little trees couldn’t remain dark, or else they wouldn’t grow. Solas became determined to search for a new way the Lumens could glow.

Solas yelled up to the older Lumens still shining in the big trees. “We’ve lost our light. Can you give us some of yours, please?” An old Lumen named Lys was the one who called back. “No...sorry, only the sun can do that!” Solas looked at the dark sky where the sun ought to be. “There has to be another way, and to find it, I must go on a journey!” Solas asked Valo and Luz, two other Lumen to join the quest for new light. Then the three Lumen went out into the dark and stormy night.

Solas, Valo, and Luz were not used to walking; they stumbled together and tried to be brave. They hadn’t walked very far by the end of the day. These little Lumens were scared as they had never known what it was like to be in the dark. They tried to move faster, wishing they knew where to find a spark. They felt lost and sad, yet hopeful that something might work out soon. They hadn’t remembered that after the sun comes the moon!

As the clouds cleared in the night sky the full moon rose, shining silver on the path ahead. The weary little Lumens were searching around and not looking up, instead. It wasn’t until they reached the top of a hill that it occurred to them their time of journeying in the dark was in the past. So thankful, they marveled at how the moonlight illuminated them at last!

Solas, Valo, and Luz then told the moonbeams how they lost their essential glow. They explained how because of this, the tiny trees wouldn’t be able to grow. The moonbeams carried the story up to the moon. It grew brighter with the extraordinary news, like a giant, white balloon. The moonbeams told the little Lumens that the moon wanted to assist! So upon the Lumens’ faces the moonbeams placed something like a kiss! The Lumens turned multicolored, like a rainbow, in this new light. They didn’t know that moon kisses meant they would no longer glow silver-white!

Solas, Valo, and Luz shouted praises up to the moon. They asked if it might be willing to help the other little Lumens too? The moonbeams indicated that indeed, the moon would. So they moved over to the Fair Forest of Lumeria where the tiny trees and little Lumens still stood. When the little Lumens first saw Solas, Valo, and Luz, they were very afraid. Lumens weren’t supposed to be multicolored; in the sun that’s not how they're made.

Solas, Valo, and Luz were different, yet their beauty and abilities could not be denied. When they climbed up into their tiny trees, everyone saw their trunks instantly grow a foot high! All the Lumens, both old and young, became excited about what they had witnessed. There was acceptance of the Lumens who had been moon kissed. As all the Lumens came together, the trees were covered in both white and multicolored light. The Fair Forest of Lumeria had never been as radiant as it was on this night!

So everytime you see white or multicolored light, remember the Lumens and how they chose to do what’s right. Even when they faced fear and adversity, they were brave and made growth possible for themselves and the trees. Have courage when faced with difficulty, and you will also glow. You too have the ability to walk illuminated paths and grow. Always remember you can also choose to be like the moon. Show compassion and share your light with others too!