Paula Petunia Grows

Paula Petunia stretched her flower petals, and greeted the sun. “Good morning, Mr. Sun!” The sun shined brightly in reply. Paula Petunia greeted her other garden friends, and was especially happy to see Bumble, her best friend, a bee. “Bzzz, bzzz, hello! I was just visiting Penelope Petunia, and she is grumpy today,” said Bumble. “Why is Penelope Petunia grumpy?,” Paula Petunia asked. “She’s grown, and her pretty, purple flowers need a bigger pot, so Mrs. Daisy, the garden’s caretaker, put her into a beautiful, big, blue one!” Paula Petunia looked at how her own petals had become more plentiful. She asked Bumble, “Do you think Mrs. Daisy will put me in a bigger pot too?” “Bzzz bzzzz, it’s very possible. Your lovely pink flowers almost touch the ground. Bzzz bzzz, bye-bye!” Paula Petunia watched Bumble fly away, leaving her to wonder about how changing pots would make her feel? She really liked her home in the little, yellow pot. Could another, bigger pot ever feel like home?

Soon, Mrs. Daisy came over to Paula Petunia with her silver watering can saying, “Good morning! Here’s a cold drink of water for you on this hot, sunny day. My! Paula Petunia, how you’ve grown!” Paula Petunia knew this meant she would be receiving a new pot for certain, when she watched Mrs. Daisy put down her silver watering can. Mrs. Daisy disappeared into the garden shed. Paula Petunia nervously awaited her return. When Mrs. Daisy emerged, she carried a large, orange pot! “Looks like you’re getting a new home too. We can be grumpy together,” said Penelope Petunia. “I don’t want a new home! I’m happy in my little, yellow pot!,” Paula Petunia cried.

“There, there. Sweet Paula Petunia, don’t cry,” said Paddy Potato Plant. Paula Petunia, surprised, turned to see Paddy Potato Plant sitting behind her. “What are you doing back there?,” asked Paula Petunia. “Before, you were sitting in front of Fred Fern!” Paddy Potato Plant chuckled, “Yes, that’s true. However, I grow so fast in that part of our garden, that Mrs. Daisy had to find a bigger pot for me to live in. Since she was already giving me a new home, she thought I might enjoy a new place to sit too!” Paula Petunia asked, “You mean, you’re happy when Mrs. Daisy gives you a new home, AND a new place to sit?”

“Yes, Paula Petunia! It’s like Mrs. Daisy says, ‘Change is growth.’ I believe she’s right. There’s no need to worry about moving around. New experiences can be wonderful. “Or not!,” Penelope Petunia disagreed. “I liked my old pot, so I’m still grumpy that I had to move.” Paula Petunia carefully considered what Penelope Petunia and Paddy Potato Plant said. They both received new pots to live in, but had very different attitudes and feelings about that experience. Just then, Paula Petunia felt Mrs. Daisy’s warm, gentle hands in her soil, and saw the big, orange pot next to her.

Up, up, up! Paula Petunia felt like her friend, Bumble, the bee! Mrs. Daisy slowly, gently, lifted up Paula Petunia and placed her in the orange pot. When she was settled in, she exclaimed, “Wow! I felt like I was flying!” Paula Petunia giggled with amazement. When Mrs. Daisy’s kind hands had put fresh soil all around her in the new pot, Paula Petunia felt so comfortable. She had more room for her roots, and immediately, the new pot felt like home. “Why do you seem so happy?,” asked Penelope Petunia. “At first, I was afraid to try something new. Now, I understand that this experience brought something good. Because of the opportunity to change, I can grow,” said Paula Petunia. Paddy Potato Plant agreed, “Yes! Look, I have even more beautiful leaves than I did before! Maybe we all have potential, and what better way to make a more beautiful garden, than to grow?!”