Spidella Spins Her Dream

“Fashion is my passion!,” cries Spidella, a spunky, funky, black widow. She’s spying, with all eight of her eyes, a new green scarf in a window. Spidella loves to spin her webs near storefronts so she can view the people’s latest fashion craze. Just dreaming of designing her own silk dresses, hats, and scarves for bugs puts her into an excited daze!

Spidella whispers to herself, “Indeed, fashion is my passion, but I don’t know why, or where to even start? I’m a spider who doesn’t wear the dresses, hats, and scarves I see, but I still love them with all my heart!” She continues to stare longingly at the green scarf in the window display. “What would it be like if bugs, like me, did wear dresses, hats, and scarves everyday?”

Feeling delighted, Spidella decides to visit her best friend, Waspina, to share her dream of making clothes for bugs. She wants to hear what advice she may have, and also to give her giant, eight-armed hugs! As soon as Waspina sees Spidella, she senses she’s not feeling quite like herself. She immediately puts away her honeydew and places it back on her shelf. “Hello, Spidella! Please, come into my nest,” Waspina greets her friend warmly. “Oh, Waspina, I’m feeling so excited! Will you sit and speak with me?” She agrees, and so the two settle down for a nice, little chat. When Spidella expresses her passion for creating bugs’ fashion, Waspina thinks she’s as silly as a gnat.

“Bugs don’t have any use for dresses, hats, or scarves, like people do. The fact that you even dream of designing such things makes me wonder what’s gotten into you?” Spidella’s feelings are hurt, as she was hoping for a solution, or at least some support from her best friend. Instead, Waspina is judgemental and quickly brings Spidella’s happiness to an end.

“I’m sorry, Spidella, but you’ll just have to trade your creativity for something more substantial. Here in the ‘real world’ it’s important to be of use, and not waste time on things that are inconsequential. You really ought to conform to what is expected of spiders, and act like they do. There’s safety and comfort for others when they feel they’re similar to you. I know you came here seeking my support and these are not the words you wished for me to say. However, I don’t want to see you get hurt when other bugs don’t understand your choice to make clothes and refuse to pay.”

Spidella is stung by Waspina’s words, but she can’t help wondering if perhaps her friend is right? Maybe her passion for fashion is wrong, and she ought to start planning a practical future, beginning tonight? As she tells Waspina goodbye, a terrible sense of dread fills her mind, leaving her reeling from everything Waspina said. She thinks it might help to sleep on her situation, so she climbs back to her web and goes to bed. As her eyes grow heavy, she takes one last look at the green scarf that is still hanging in the store window. She thinks, Why do I love it, and fashion, so much when I’m only a black widow?

As she falls into a deep sleep, her dreams reveal the green scarf coming to life and asking her question after question. Mostly, it wants to know how she feels about the “real world” that Waspina mentioned? Spidella hears herself in the dream telling the green scarf she feels deeply dismayed. “When I went to speak with Waspina, I was excited about choosing to make clothes for bugs, but now I feel afraid. What will happen if I follow her advice, act like the other spiders, and do what is practical? Will this bring me joy, or will I be sad that I didn’t pursue what could be magical?”

The green scarf tells Spidella, “Follow the path your heart longs for, because it will be an adventure that will teach you. If you only do what others say, then you’ll never know for yourself what is true. Spidella, you can be a fashion designer for bugs if you want to be. You have the power to choose your own destiny! Passions are placed in the heart of everyone for a reason, even though sometimes the purpose might be hard to understand. Overall, our heart’s purest desires are meant to lead us to fulfillment, make our lives richer, and make us feel grand!”

The green scarf floats higher into the air and finally asks, “Spidella, how could your love of fashion be misguided when it brings you such glee? What if Waspina is incorrect, and you’re actually meant to be different and live a life full of creativity?” Then Spidella watches the green scarf unravel into tiny threads in preparation to become something new. She then sees herself weaving the threads into tiny antenna warmers, and bugs lining up to buy them in a queue! “That’s it!,” she exclaims, waking from her dream gleaming, like gold. “Bugs might not wear dresses, hats, or scarves, but they’ll wear antenna warmers when the weather is cold!”

With that, Spidella excitedly begins to spin her own unique thread. Today, she won’t make another web, she’ll start the journey towards making fashionable antenna warmers, instead. As she weaves, she feels blissful and wonders who will be the first to try her fashions out? She wonders if the queen of her local beehive will want to see what antenna warmers are all about?

After Spidella spends quite a bit of time perfecting her design, she decides to pay the Queen Bee a visit. She brings the queen all of her antenna warmers and they’re a huge hit! “My, my! What an inventor and a visionary you are, Spidella! I will buy them all!” The Queen Bee proclaims, “I want all of my worker bees to wear these, so they’ll be warm during winter and fall.” Spidella’s antenna warmers are soon seen on other bugs, besides the bees. Not much time passes before fruit flies are stylin’, and so are the ants crawling on the trees!

Spidella is so happy and busy, she has no time to worry about others’ negative opinions or Waspina’s usual, “just be normal” remark. She’s living and loving her dream and seeking other great adventures to help cultivate her creative spark. Occasionally, new antenna warmer designs don’t turn out quite right. However, she’s learning how to improve from her experiences, and still looks for magic with all her might. She knows it’s not always easy to pave a different path, but she often wears a huge smile. “Fashion is my passion, and designing antenna warmers for bugs is what I’ll keep doing for a very long while!”