The Stories Inside

Did you know stories aren’t just found in books alone? They’re all around you inside of people, and many are yet unknown. As you go about your day, acknowledge the people passing you along the way. Each one is a walking library of stories! No matter what they look like, each person contains many tales of defeats and glories. The only way to know what some of them are, is to be a friend, engage, and commit to listening. Take time to appreciate how each person and their tales is unique and amazing. Every person picks up stories from walking their own life’s path. If you ask and listen, some of these stories will give you wisdom, and others will make you laugh!

When you look at a person, there’s a lot that doesn’t meet your eyes. If you spend ample time with someone, it’s a guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There are fascinating stories inside each person, and many of them have never been told aloud. Many people have unsolved mysteries, and some have thrillers, like skydiving through a cloud. There are stories of lost romance and empires that have been won. There are tales of toil and triumph inside of everyone.

If you ask the right questions and listen, even people you know and love have stories inside that would cause you to raise an eyebrow. Some stories might hurt to hear, while others would have you gleefully saying, “Oh, WOW!” When another person feels comfortable enough to share a tale, they just may touch your heart and make you shed a tear. Always offer them the comfort of listening and being near.

What about the stories that are inside of you? When listening to another, how often do you want to comment, “That happened to me, too!” As people, we love to relate to establish connection and meaning. Finding common ground with someone through sharing a story can leave you both beaming. Being open to sharing tales is a wonderful thing. Just make sure you’re doing twice as much listening!

It’s wonderful to share a story from your inner library, and know it is being well received. This is one of the greatest moments of caring we can experience and achieve. To keep the conversation positive when telling a tale, remember The Golden Rule, as it certainly applies. This way, you’ll be sensitive to what is being said, and you can avoid a miscommunication or an unpleasant verbal surprise.

Engaging others in a meaningful conversation ultimately leads to the sharing of personal tales. Through them, we can learn about ourselves, and the world at large, by hearing about another’s insights and travails. Sometimes when we speak with others, we find solutions and truly sound advice. Plus, we can usually find solace with someone who also understands what it’s like when life isn’t nice.

Making new friends and deepening existing connections makes the world feel joyful and bright! Stories and relationships go together, just like day and night. Relationships are made stronger with each tale that is told, it’s true. This is why people you’re close to need to take turns listening and sharing stories with you.

This is why you should always remember to pay special attention to everyone who comes your way. People everywhere have tales they carry inside everyday. While you won’t have an opportunity to swap a story with each person you see, you can always share a kind look and a smile. Because sometimes people need our encouragement to make their sad stories a bit happier, once in a while. This is also the reason you should be kind to everyone you come across. They may be dealing with joyful news or an unspeakable loss.

That’s the thing with stories, since they’re on the inside. It’s all too easy for many people to hide. This is why it’s important for you to listen and always be a buddy. You never know for certain when your acts of kindness and patience mean the world to somebody! So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay. Find at least one person to connect and share a story with everyday!

How will you be kind to people you see today? How can you listen better and be a buddy in your own special way? What story do you want to share? How do you think sharing and listening to stories shows you care?